About United States African Immigrants Gist


USAIG is a young firm with a focus on African immigrants in the United States. Our mission is to help African immigrants in the US to make it. We are community advocates, journalists, entrepreneurs, artists and more, and like many of our subscribers, we are immigrants from Africa and parents of first generation African immigrants.

We may not know how you came to the United States, but we know why you are here: to make it. Are you from Africa or an immigrant looking for a job, or to advance your career? This is the platform. Have you been thinking about owning your own business? Well, gain perspectives here. Do you have immigration questions that you are not even sure how to ask? Get in the circle. Are you bored and homesick? Why not read some breaking news from Motherland? You can also get entertained on our No Funk page.  No more struggling alone in a new land! USAIG is a companion that cares from the heart.

Get the gist, get on board, let’s make it!


Meet our Team


Victoria Olani-Oyaniran

Victoria Olani-Oyaniran

Victoria Olani-Oyaniran

Victoria Lara Olani’- Oyaniran grew up in Nigeria, West Africa. She migrated to the US a few months after 9/11. Most immigrants in a new country are starters, and so is Victoria. She began her journey by continuing to ask and define her purpose in the new land. Her passion in serving others led her to found US African Immigrants Gist. She holds a Master’s degree from NYU Robert F. Wagner School of Public Service.

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Susan Olupitan

Susan Olupitan

Susan Olupitan, Contributing Writer

Susan Olupitan grew up in Lagos, Nigeria, where she studied Dentistry before coming to New York and embracing her more creative ambitions as a writer and actor. 

Her passion for cross cultural understanding is what led her to US African Immigrant Gist. She lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband and two sons.


Gregory Branch

Gregory Branch, Managing Editor of The Gist

Award-winning producer and journalist Gregory Branch cut his teeth in the broadcast news divisions of ABC, CBS and NBC. His time there included stints with “Dateline NBC”; the CBS News London bureau, “60 Minutes”, “Eye to Eye with Connie Chung”, “Street Stories with Ed Bradley” and “PrimeTime Live”.
Seeking new opportunities, Gregory jumped into cable (ESPN, BET, CNN, Current TV, Gospel Music Channel, Black Family Channel, The Africa Channel) and the digital production space (GlobalPost.com, BET.com, Broadcast Management Group, Arise.tv), specializing in breaking news coverage, LIVE event coverage and short-turnaround production of hour-long specials.
As an independent producer/writer/director, Gregory has co-produced award-winning documentaries for PBS. He directed an indy hip hop music video and also executive produced an independent feature film, called “Bekhal’s Tears”, which takes a look at Kurdish women’s rights in post-Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. This film became an award-winner and a lightning rod for controversy throughout the Middle East.
While attempting to remain relevant in various media spaces, Gregory has taken opportunities to hone his skills globally and to tell the stories of the voiceless. He has worked in over 31 countries and spent over a half-decade based in east Africa, where he created content for various international agencies and corporations.

Driven by his desire to remain connected to things “African”, Greg joins US African Immigrants Gist as Managing Editor of “The Gist” news.