How to be a Great Leader — Lessons From Warren Buffet


Leadership is much more than instructing your team members and those who are below you in the corporate world.

It’s about taking responsibilities and showing up when you’re needed.

Most times, people get carried away by juicy positions, great titles, and lots of other things that produce no value in the long run.

The thing is, to be a great leader, you’ve got to value everyone on your team — no one is irrelevant, and you’ve got to treat them as an important factor of the organization.

Here are a couple of lessons about leadership from Warren Buffet

1. Learn to wait

During a conversation, most people would want to be the loudest in the room.

They attach their self worth and importance to being loud.

In a group discussion, if you’re doing more talking than listening, take a break and WAIT.

Waiting brings you back to the listening mode — and you’d gain a lot from listening.

2. Send absorption signals

Simple acts like nodding your head, putting your smartphone away, and repeating what’s being said at regular intervals would go a long way to show that you’re listening.

3. Stop the drift

If you’re having a discussion with your colleague or you’re in a corporate meeting, you may experience occasional drifting.

That’s not bad — what’s terrible is when you don’t catch it.

To stop the random drift, you’ve got to have little reminders — little things like writing “focus” or “stay glued to the speaker” on your note would go a long way.

4. Reverse the situation

Do you remember the time you were with someone who didn’t value your input? Or when your boss thought that your idea sucks?

How did you feel?

Pretty bad! Isn’t it?

Would you want to make someone feel the same way?

Probably not!

Next time you’re distracting yourself during a conversation, recall your awful past and try not to repeat the cycle with another person.

Other tips to help you be a great leader include:

·        Be the example

Leaders lead by example. Set the standard and earn the respect of your team members.

If you want your staff to be punctual and smartly dressed, then be early to work and dress like you’d want them to.

When you take the initiative, your employees will fall in line.

·        Invest in your personal development

Leadership is a skill, and to be good at it; you’ve got to invest in your personal development.

You should always seek ways to develop yourself. Self-development is the only way to improve your skill set.

·        Make sound decisions

You should develop the ability to make sound decisions on time. This would make you a valuable piece in your team.

·        Take responsibility

During your leadership journey, you’d make both good and bad decisions — whatever the case may be, take responsibility for your actions (and inaction).

Becoming a great leader is hard — but you’d go far by developing yourself, being the example, making sound decisions, and taking responsibility for your actions.

What leadership skills do you want to build?



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