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US African Immigrants Gist (USAIG) is a social enterprise that uses its platforms to support the survival and success efforts of Africans and immigrants in the US. This training program is its workforce development initiative to give skilled and motivated immigrants a chance to earn a living while acquiring work skills of the future.

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  • Basic Courses for Beginners

    As a remote worker, one of the quickest jobs you can get is writing. The American/UK/Australian expectations are different, however, compared to the way many people living outside of the Western nations write. Beyond those changes in the words “Labor” or “Color” for example, their audience, whom you are writing for, must be able to understand you. This course, Writing as a Native, instructs you on the difference, and introduces to the twist and turns you can use to write satisfactorily for your employers.
    Most job orders will simply ask you to find and gather report of some things from the world wide web. The challenge comes as you are faced with the world of vast information so much so that you don’t even know where to begin or where you might cut it, and yet you must deliver a satisfactory work that gets a 5 star review. Even when the task falls under your area of expertise, you and your employer might be seeing things from a different angle. Should you use an excel application or a simple spreadsheet? How can you best structure your gathered data and present them? Taught from the perspective of both active employer in remote workspace and successful, top profile worker, in the space, this course walks you through the process and get you to stand out among the crowd.
    Most people can do general internet search, but only a few has the knowledge to help employers in their academic research project. Beat off competition and clean out pays with this training. Course instructed by trained researcher, and an active employer in the remote work space.
    If you are creative and love to explore, taking this course will prepare you just for that. It will guide you on how to run errand virtually and earn income doing so.
    This course is for people who naturally tend to spend time on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc).You'll be trained on how you can deliver value to employers doing tasks in this area, and decent pays.
    CSS is coding, but some beginning aspect of computer science are easier to learn than you think. Learn the basics of web design and structure, and familiarize yourself on several types of tasks that remote work employers will be giving you around this skillset. This course is taught by a Computer Engineer who is experienced in the field of remote work.

    Semi-Advance Courses

    So now that you've learned most of the basics, how do you stand out among a crowd of remote workers bidding for employers’ jobs? More importantly, how do you keep these employers for consistent work? Taught by both active remote worker and employer in the space, this course takes you through what you must know and do.
    Course Details: Employers give you ratings and feedbacks once you've completed their work. In most cases, these ratings can make or break. In addition with other number logs that follow your profiles around, you might gain or lose edge against other remote workers looking for the same jobs you want. Learn how to use ratings, feedbacks and other quantitatives and reports to better your positioning.
    This course takes you a bit further into Web Development. You'll learn about HTML, CSS, and so on. Some knowledge of coding or a serious desire to learn how to code is advised before signing up. Find out how web design can be fun in of itself, and learn how to package the acquired skill to start earning money. Course is taught by Computer Engineers who are experienced in the field of remote work.
    This course will teach you a skill that isn't only useful to make money remotely, but that you can equally apply to make money anywhere and in many situations. It's called selling. Learn how to outreach people using data, how to build relationships with them and market the products/services, and how to document and track your efforts. You'll do well and build wealth for yourself with this skill set if you enjoy interacting; and tenacious and fun.

    Advance Courses

    This course is part of the advance level of computer knowledge that teaches how to grab any web content you want from any website. It's particularly useful if you are tasked to do a research about some things, and you don't want to start going through thousands of websites. Course also teaches you about the law and rules surrounding scrapping. Knowledge of coding is required.
    If you love communication, journalism, writing, editing, newspaper review, and administrative work, you should definitely take this course for it can get you not just a job but a career in no time. Course instruction takes you from plain theoretical guide to a hands-on job shadowing experience. If you apply all that you are taught, you can be managing multiple websites for people and earning good salary from them all.
    Do you or someone you are close to own a shop where they sell products? If so, you are only one step further away from being able to manage a shop online and get good pays doing so. This course instructs on how to manage an online store, and market the products -all virtually.This course takes you a bit further into Web Development. You'll learn about HTML, CSS, and so on. Some knowledge of coding or a serious desire to learn how to code is advised before signing up. Find out how web design can be fun in of itself, and learn how to package the acquired skill to start earning money. Course is taught by Computer Engineers who are experienced in the field of remote work.

    Offered to you free ($150 Value)

    What are employers expectations and how can you manage them? Where would you go to find employers after this training? Learn about this and more in this course.
    Some employers don't need cover letters and some do. In addition, to introduce yourself to any employers, what you write on your profile matters. This course will help you avoid many mistakes some remote workers make, and get you to stand out among the crowd.
    To succeed as a remote worker you'll need the right mindset and certain work ethic. Taught by experienced remote worker and employer in the space, you should be able to see the brightness of a star you can make of yourself as soon as you are done learning this course.
    This course is about what you must know before venturing out to be a remote worker. Learning this saves you money, time, and frustration in the long run.
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    • This program only seeks individuals that hold promise of success. By fact, this promise of success includes the following:
    • Ability to speak and write English Language
    • Access to computer, internet and reliable electricity
    • A Gmail account and Skype account
    • A highly driven individual that takes hard-work, earning, and success seriously
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    • that the information given in this form is, to the best of my knowledge accurate in every detail;
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    • I understand this training is NOT about helping people to get visas or travel abroad.
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