Jean Pierre Bemba: ICC orders release of DR Congo warlord


Appeals judges at the Hague said Bemba had served more than 80% of the maximum possible sentence, and they considered it “disproportionate” to detain him while he awaits sentencing on another case.

Bemba is to refrain from making public statements about the case and will appear at the court whenever required, the ICC said Tuesday.

Judge Christine Van den Wyngaert presiding in Friday’s ruling had said Bemba was to remain in detention because of another case in which he was convicted of offenses. But Tuesday’s ruling means he is now a free man, pending sentencing on another case in which he was convicted of offenses “against the administration of justice.”

Bemba was convicted on March 21, 2016 of murder, rape and pillaging between October 2002 and March 2003, when militia…

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