Lupita Nyong’o message to Michael Jordan B that has got fans talking


Michael B Jordan and Lupita Nyong’o have always been the best combination in recent films. Their fans have come to love how the two get along with each other with some of them even suggesting that they should be together as a couple.

Fans have always been waiting for the day when the two celebrities will get together, and they were recently treated to a rare show. Jordan posted a photo of himself in a suit ready for the Veuve Clicquot advertisement and what followed amazed many fans. Lupita left a comment on the picture stating “now you are showing off’. The flirtatious comment which was accompanied by many heart emojis drove many fans into a discussion.

Most of them felt that the two were delaying in getting together as a couple. Some of the fans’ replies to Lupita’s comment showed their joy as they thought that this could be the start of what they have been waiting for a long time. With most of the fans stating that they loved the chemistry between the two celebrities, they hoped to see them as a couple.

The Black Panther stars have always got fans talking. Many still believe that the two might just be taking their time before they go public about their feelings. Other fans think that maybe they may never have the opportunity to see the two as a couple as they are better off as friends.


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