Meghan Markle Makes her First Public Appearance


President Trump may see the Duchess of Sussex as a nasty woman, but the Queen sees her as a loving and loyal granddaughter-in-law.

Meghan emerged from her maternity leave to celebrate the Queen’s birthday. And her stunning presence taught the attention of the public.

Another thing that took the public by surprise is the third ring she wore on her wedding ring finger.

During the parade and throughout the festivity of the day, the royal family emerged as a united front.

To an untrained eye, you may assume that everything in the royal family is all rosy.

Rumors have it that there are tensions between the family relatives.

Prince Harry and Meghan want to break out from the Royal Foundation.

The Royal Foundation is a joint charity own by Williams, Harry, and their spouses.

Here’s the thing; Prince Harry and Meghan want to pursue a different charity venture. And the unwillingness of the two brothers to reach a comprise has been driving speculations among the royal fans.

On the other hand, Meghan, the wife of Prince Harry, is not a fan of Kate.

The royal family is doing an excellent job in keeping the feud between the two brothers private — no one has made a public statement regarding the issue.

Right now, speculation is coming from different sources with no tangible proof.

Do you think that Meghan would get along with Kate?



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