Noura Hussein: Lawyer for Sudanese death row teen intimidated


On Wednesday, Sudanese security forces came to the office of Hussein’s lead attorney, Adil Mohamed Al-Imam, just hours before he was due to brief the media on the latest developments in the case, activists said.

“The National Intelligence Security Services ‘NISS’ banned the press conference and ordered Noura’s defense team to cancel it,” Nahid Gabralla, director of SEEMA, a non-governmental organization working with victims and survivors of gender-based violence in the capital, Khartoum, said in a statement.

Women’s rights activist Amal Habani, coordinator of No Oppression Against Women Initiative Sudan, also confirmed that security forces came to Al-Imam’s office Wednesday morning. Both Habani and and Gabralla were in touch with Al-Imam on Wednesday.

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