NYC Local Updates -04/20

NYC Local Updates Rent is Getting Too Dang High Causing NYC Exodus: Rent is reportedly growing high in New York City challenging why many people should call it home. The report of NYC post states that of all New York City five boroughs, only State Island is recording growth. If this trend continues, only the […]

Promoting the Promoter- Our Man of the Week, Richard Iyasere

Promoting the Promoter – Our Man of the Week, DaddyRich!!!!! DaddyRiche!!! Featuring DaddyRich, Our Man of the Week!!! This weekend we begin our first series on this special man. A man who seeks no fame, but by way of  his passion and energy in promoting others, fame, itself, seeks him.   This man of the […]

NYC Local Updates – 04/18

Ten Million for More Rules. It was announced yesterday that the NYC Department of Education will be issuing out a funding of about 10 million dollars to Success Academy Charter Schools.  Founded by Eva Moskowitz, the school has gone through rough times particularly when facing the backlash of its draconian rule for students, parents and […]

Meet The Artist who Sings Opera in Yoruba

Meet The Artist who Sings Opera in Yoruba- Nigerian Language! Ever walked into the Lincoln center imagining that the lyrics of the Opera artists won’t make sense to you? Well, if you understand Latin, or have some grabs on Greek you feel it the music quicker than others. Other than that, you’d probably just go […]

NYC Local Updates

NYC Local Updates -Tuesday 04/16 Trump’s Latest Jabs at the Big Apple:   Presidents Trump does it well- Any statement to incite division among classes and races, the US is blessed with an expert who does it so well. This expert also happens to currently hold its highest office. Last week President Trump jabbed at […]

NYC Local Updates- 04/14

  Table for Two, and the New Half   Some restaurants are  reportedly not only carrying dog menu, but also sitting the canines right inside the restaurants.  Will they go as far as sitting the dogs next to their pet owners while serving them?   It isn’t new that many restaurants are offering dog menu. […]

NYC Local Updates 04/12

Better Be Safe than Sorry- An American Airline flight took off and turned back to JFK Airport 15 minutes later. Flight 300 of American Airlines heading to LA from New York on Wednesday night was reported to have turned back to terminal after about 15 minutes in the air. Pilot suspected a damage shortly after […]

City Hall is Calling!

There are many resources available to immigrants and everyday New Yorker, but which we oftentimes don’t have a clue they exist. Make your government work for you.  Attend this community forum to learn about City’s  resources, and to ask questions. You might even end up networking, and make new friends at the event! See the […]