Rihanna’s Fans Baffled after Realizing They Have Been Pronouncing Her Name Wrong


Fans of Rihanna were recently shocked to learn that they have been pronouncing her name wrong all this time that she has been in the music industry.  During an interview with British Vogue, the singer pronounced her named contrary to how most of her fans have been doing it. She said ‘Ree-anna’ and not ‘Ri-ah-na’ as most of the fans have been pronouncing it.

After watching the video of the interview, many fans confirmed that they have been mispronouncing the name ever since they knew the musician.

Most of the fans took to social media, Vogue’s twitter page, to express the shock they had after watching the singer pronounce her name the way it should be done. Others went ahead to confirm that they knew it was the right pronunciation though they have been using the wrong one.

This isn’t the first time that the singer has shocked people with the pronunciation of her name. Previously, during an interview with AJ Hammer, she pronounced her name to inform fans who were confused about how it should be done.



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