Secret Exposed! Kevin had a Baby With His Mistress!


Rumors have been flying about the alleged relationship of Kelvin, the husband of Wendy Williams and her mistress has been on the air.

So far, the TV host has been mildly quiet about the whole drama, but she’s had enough and has spoken up.

Before her outburst, Wendy was spotted with a mystery man. However, the conversation took a sharp turn when she exposed the identity of her husband’s mistress.

It’s been revealed that her husband has been in a relationship with the mistress for fifteen years, and they’ve had a baby together.

Awful! Isn’t it?

At this time, the name of the mistress is yet to be revealed, but sources are pointing to Sharina Hudson, a massage therapist who gave birth to a baby on March 25, 2019.

These recent events are in sharp contrast to 2017, when Wendy publicly defended her man and stood by his side.



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