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Growing immigration crisis at the border

Just in time when the United States is trying to come up with laws to be used in controlling how people get into the country, it has been noticed that the immigrants are not giving up. Most of them now claim that they are seeking asylum in the country, and this makes it even harder for the government to look at their skills.

When one is seeking asylum, it is not possible for the government to prevent their stay in the country even if they do not have any skill as required by the government. International laws allow such people to prove to the government that they are indeed seeking asylum in the country and should, therefore, be allowed to stay there. A report from Arizona has shown that this is the new trick being used by the immigrants even as the government tries to come up with better ways of controlling them.

Plot to increase the number of black voters turns into a crack-down

Over the years, the number of black voters in the US has been on the rise though many people still believe that the number is far much below the expected count. The number of blacks in the US does not in any way match the number of black voters who are registered to vote. The number goes ahead to decrease as people head to the ballot as some of them register but then do not see the need to engage in the voting exercise.

In Tennessee, a bid to increase the number of black voters turned out to be a crackdown on the people who were in the country illegally. The campaign was done by urging the blacks to register. The promoters of this exercise urged the blacks to register and vote if they needed to pass the message of ‘black lives matter.’ Realizing that there were many people sharing documents in the region, they turned it to a crackdown on the possible immigrants who did not have any valid documents to prove their stay in the country.

Michael Fuller questions the place of the black police in the system

The first black police chief in the UK, Michael Fuller, has questioned the police system on why there has never been another black police chief apart from him. Comparing with the number of women who have held the position, Fuller said that there is a need to include more black leaders in the system if they are to be fair. He was talking at the Hay Festival where he also urged football teams to stop discrimination against black players, which is still rampant in the country.

White man charged for dressing as black in the black and white minstrel performance

Brian Davies has been forced to pay a fine of 450 pounds after he dressed as a black person in the black and white minstrel performance. While arguing out his case, he said that he did not mean to be a racist and did not have such thoughts in the first place. He was charged for dressing in that manner as it was socially demeaning to black people in the country.

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