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Kenrya and Akiba advice on how to survive in regions dominated by whites

Black people living in white-dominated areas in the US still face issues related to racism. Some have hence resorted to staying away from the white-dominated areas as a result of the violence and use of unpleasant language towards them. According to these writers Kenrya and Akiba, black people can use smart ways to fight the oppression they face.

Among the ways they listed include, knowing how to walk away from unpleasant that can interfere with your personality as a black person. In case any attacks happen, ensure you record such incidences and have witnesses to testify in a court of law. With such methods, you can easily overcome the problems associated with living in such areas.

Black people lost a lot of money in homeownership deals

A report has been released showing that people in Chicago, lost a lot of money in home ownership deals which were struck between 1950 and 1960. The contracts required the buyer of a home to deposit an amount of cash then pay the rest in installments though they did not have the right to own the home until the completion of the payment. The contract also gave the owner of the home the go-ahead to kick the buyer out of the home just in case they were not able to clear the payment without making any reimbursements.

Many black people did not have alternatives and opted to use this method to acquire the houses owned by white people in Chicago. In the end, most of the black people were not able to complete the payment and ended up getting kicked out of the homes. In total, black people lost between $3 billion and $4billion in the homeownership deals, according to the report.

How an advert failed black people

Recently, an advert was aired in television in Utah, showing a white man proposing to a black woman in the 19th century. In history, this period was characterized by the mistreatment of black people. Women were raped, and men were made to do hard labor failure to which they faced corporal punishment that led to injuries and even death.

The advert is being criticized for making ‘fun’ of the problems that black people faced in the past. Many people criticized the advert for trying to omit an essential part of black history in the advert. An era that was filled with rape and not romantic relations as depicted in the advert.

Black experiences still show that the US is still a ‘whites only state.’

Recently, there were complaints that the police gave preference to white people when solving security issues. Many black people have reported that they have encountered cases of being lectured by the police when they call 911. What is supposed to be an emergency call ends up as a show of modern-day segregation by the security personnel.

Rapper Meek Mill has been a victim of the situation. When he arrived in Vegas for a party, he was not allowed into the hotel based on racial claims. Though the hotel claimed it was for the security of the hotel, many people raised questions on how the issue was handled.

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