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Somali-American police get 12.5 years in prison for shooting

A Minneapolis court has sentenced Mohamed Noor, a former police officer to 12.5years for allegedly shooting a woman while on patrol in 2017. This comes not long before he was celebrated as the first Somali-American police to have joined the force in Minneapolis. The mayor even attended the welcome ceremony.

During the sentence, Mr. Noor was found guilty of committing third and second degrees of murder. Both sentences carried a maximum of 25 years and ten years, respectively. During the sentence, Mr. Noor confirmed that it was his mistake since he shot an unarmed woman and would, therefore, accept whatever sentence that the jury would say.

After the sentence, members of the Somali-American community showed their disagreement with the ruling by holding a protest. Many of them said that Mr. Noor was treated in that manner as a result of his color.

Black drivers face more struggles compared to white drivers in Louisville

A research recently carried out has found out that black drivers in Louisville are searched three times more compared to their white counterparts. It is a practice that has shown a level of discrimination from the police in the region. Black drivers in the area believe that they are subject to such frisking as a result of their skin color.

A victim of the occurrences, Mr. Jamaj Johnson, confirmed that black people are stopped and on realizing that they are black, police immediately start treating them like criminals. Jamaj was stopped for failing to make a turn signal when making a turn. As a result, his car was searched using drug-sniffing dogs, and he wondered why he would be subjected to such level of frisking for failing to show a turn signal.

The police chief in the region confirmed that the statistic is true. He, however, said that it has nothing to do with race. He said that the police had focused on areas with security issues, and it happened that blacks were the major residents in the region.

Action required to save a landmark of black history in Brooklyn

Among the many monuments of black history is the Weeksville Heritage Center. The landmark was named after James Week just after the state declared it illegal to engage in slavery. The heritage center is now facing closure, and people are required to contribute towards its maintenance.

The maintenance of the center, which offers need history for the black community, mainly depends on donations from the community. The contributions have gone down, and the maintenance is now not possible. People are encouraged to contribute so that the heritage center can continue functioning for the good of the black community.

An immigration deal has been reached between the US and Mexico, President Trump announces

President Trump announced that an agreement had been reached between the US and Mexico. For long, immigration has been a great problem between the two countries. The problem reached a level where Trump promised to impose import tariffs of 5% in Mexico.

He said that he did this intending to force the Mexican side to allow talks on immigration to continue until a consensus is reached. In a Twitter post, the president said that following the agreement, the imposing of 5% import tariffs that was to commence on June 10 has hence been suspended.

The two countries promised to continue working together to ensure that they solve the issue of immigration.

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