These two celebrities have proved that marriage is not for young boys and girls


In a time when many celebrities are facing marriage challenges as a result of the contemporary issues, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have proved that marriage is for mature people. You might be wondering why there are more break-ups in the current society compared to the past.

The answer to this question might as well be the age of the partners. Kanye West is 41 years old while Kim Kardashian is 38 years. Looking at the two spouses, one might conclude that they have been married for over a decade. Well, the reality is that they have just hit their half-decade mark in marriage.

The lifestyle of the two celebrities since they tied the knot back in 2014 has proved that marriage between mature people can turn out to be more successful than marriage between young people. Most young celebrities do not last longer than a year in their relationships. Perhaps age can best explain why marriages fail to work.

The couple, who recently welcomed their fourth baby, is celebrating their fifth year in marriage. Within this period, no major problems have been reported in their partnership, a fact that proves that marriage should be a union between mature people.

Many people all over the world admire the chemistry between Kanye and Kim. The couples are still moving on strong, and we wish them a happy marriage.


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