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 Sub-Saharan Africans are Measured  as Miserable and Blind

There’s an economist in town whose job is to measure nations’ misery, and his recent report on Nigeria and the rest of Sub-Saharan African countries aren’t good. A few of Mama’s countries falls under the most miserable nations category, and worst, forty-four of them didn’t even have the guts to get measured. Steve Hanke, the economist, blamed African government corruption and ineptness, but failed to measure or quantify in anyway the “black Hole” of  misery left on the continent by his ancestors and its multiplier effects that have compounded these nations’ misery.

Yale University and a Spanish Organization Target Elite African Women

For about four years in a row, Yale University  in partnership with a Spanish organization called Women for Africa Foundation has been flying the who is who of African women leaders to its campus. Leadership building, educating to “enhance the knowledge” of  individuals who are clearly at the elm of power and influence in their respective African countries are some of what these joint institutions stated they are doing. 

Funded by Banco Santander, a Spanish multinational corporation, and directed by about eleven multinational corporations, key African elite women and mostly politicians are identified, flown to the US, hosted in the school’s state-of-the-art facility, and lavished with the attention of  dignitaries from everywhere. The women are then charged to go back to their various home countries and ‘replicate the initiatives’.


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