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Gambia’s Barrow Coup Plotters Busted and Sentenced

A group of 8 soldiers and Gambia’s former president loyalists had been sentenced to jail  this week in Gambia. They were reportedly in cahoots with Yahya Jammeh, Gambia’s former president and corrupt dictator for twenty-two years using social messenger services and other forms of contact to topple the current president. Jammeh ran on exile following the shameful showdown given to him by Gambians in their 2016 free and fair election. Jammeh was reported to have siphoned more than 50 million dollars of public money into his personal bank account while he was running the country.

India Strips Off Soldier’s Citizenship after 30 Years of Service.

An Indian army officer for 30 years was reportedly declared a “foreigner” yesterday, and currently jailed in one of India’s detentions. It’s still unclear whether this was politically motivated or whether it was rising out of India’s policy position with its neighboring nations. India’s positioning on the concept of nationalism, diversity, and inclusion is fundamentally crying out loud for progressive thinkers. Territorial nationalism in India may still means Hindu nationalism.

Robert Mueller Concludes His Investigation.

While the entire nation was waiting to hear the “yea” or “nay” on Russia collusion, Mueller came out publicly for the first time to break his silence. But what silence? His points were still laced with word technicalities forcing anyone seeking the truth to work for it. For instance, “If we had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said that,” and yet, his office failed to straightforwardly call it out that the president has committed a crime. Muller, however, asserted that there were 10 clear instances where President Trump attempted to obstruct justice. 

Ghanian’s Activists Demand Answer of 44.

The Ghanian activists are not resting in demanding accountability for the killing of over 40 Ghanians who were reportedly massacred in 2005 by Gambia-Yahya Jammeh’s Navy officers. The worth a country puts on its citizens speaks volumes, and it sends out the right signal to future aggressors. There were 9 others victims from Nigeria who were reportedly killed alongside these Ghanians, but only the Ghanians are speaking up. No matter what ends, these Ghanian activists, are in essence, sending out the right signal: “Don’t mess with Ghana.”


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