Thursday News Highlights

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Thursday News Highlights

Kidnapping in Ghana? No Way!

Two Canadian women were reportedly kidnapped on Tuesday at Ahodwo’s Kumasi Royal Golf Club in Kumasi. The kidnapped victims were in the country on a charity mission effort, and very rarely do these types of occurrences happen in Ghana. 

Like many other nations of Africa, Ghana is a multi-ethnic State with mixed religious background and views, yet it’s one leading Sub-Saharan African country known as hub for business growth and political stability and discipline. Since the time of Kwamen Nkrumah, Ghana has never really lost the vision of Pan Africanism, and since the days of Jerry Rawlings, Ghana holds its own firmly. Of over 29 million people who call Ghana their home country, there are folks among them who by choice naturalized from different citizenship of the world to embrace Ghana for good.

Hope the Ghanians worldwide would rise up and send the word out to these perpetrators as well as the future ones that Ghana won’t tolerate hoodlums.

Haitian Women and Girls Stood Tall Against Gender-Based Violence

Haitian women and girls reportedly went out in hundreds last week to protest against male aggression violence towards women in Haiti. The protesters included the victims who had the courage to stand up. They and used their platform to passionately condemn the act and to stand in solidarity with other women. Alongside them were strong men and fathers -the demonstration and show of support they showed clearly support the fact that only WEAK men abuse females.

Twist and Turn in Homeland Security’s Visa Program

The US Homeland Security is reportedly making several changes to all kinds of Visa provision including the H1B and Entrepreneurial Parole program. Click here for detailed stipulation on this new regulation.

The Indiana Jones of Corruption Found One Too Close

Amnesty International, an international agency that digs out corruption and human rights abuses of sovereign states has reportedly found one too close in its very own office at Zimbabwe. It has temporarily closed down the office while investigation continues.

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