Resume/CV Help

Let’s Make a Resume/CV For You!

Are your job skills and work experience from another  countries?

Are you looking for work but don’t know how to put a resume together in a way that presents you as a strong candidate? If your answer is yes, USAIG can help you prepare one.

  • Plug into this support now and let American employers understand what you bring to the table?
  • We have the expertise to guide you on translation strategies needed to describe your work experience and  education/certification  from foreign countries.

To qualify for our Free Resume Help, You must meet the following criteria:

  1. You must be an immigrant
  2. Must currently reside in NYC
  3. Must be actively looking for work

You need help writing your resume but don’t meet any of the criteria above? We still can help!

Reach out to us at: Our team of culturally competent and highly experienced professionals in the field will meet with you virtually to understand your work experience and job needs, and prepare one for you for a token service charge of $5.00

Fill out the form  below to get started or send us an email. You are here to make it.

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