Translate Resume

Translate Resume

Are your skills and work experience from other countries?  Are you doing a good job in translating your resume (CV) in a way that American employers understand what you bring to the table?

Don’t delay your job prospect anymore!

Upload your resume below and let USAIG guide you. We offer immigrants in the US the following for FREE:

  • Guide you on translation strategies needed to describe your work experience and  education/certification  from foreign countries.
  • Screen you for qualification and fit for your desirable jobs.
  • Help you create a resume
  • Candidates with refugee’s visas, and Dreamers (individuals approved for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) are welcome.

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No worries if you don’t have a resume, just fill out the form and drop a few words in the message box below.We’ll work with you to put one together. You are here to make it.  If you have any question, send an email