Trump Slams Meghan Markle With His Signature Line — Nasty Woman!


Recently, the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle has been receiving lots of criticism from folks across the globe.

It’s like everyone has something irrelevant to say about her.

Like we all know, Trump loves the spotlight, and the President gained some attention when he used his signature word “nasty” on Meghan.

Let’s not forget that the Duchess is not the only one that has been called nasty by President Trump.

During the 2016 presidential race, Trump called Hillary Clinton a nasty woman during one of their trendy presidential back and forth feud.

Also, the signature words — nasty woman, is one of the presidents punchlines he uses to refer to women who are not on his side.

Here’s the thing, Meghan wasn’t in support of Trump during his race. She even went on record to say that if Trump wins the 2016 race, she will move to Canada — but she ended up in Britain.

During the President’s visit to Great Britain, Trump was asked about his thoughts on the benefits of having an American in the Royal household.

The President expects an excellent performance from the Duchess and also thought she’d be okay.

The Duchess, however, was unable to meet with the President. After all, she’s on maternity leave and has no professional obligations at the moment.


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