US African immigrants Gist Will help you to get your dream visa by following

There are immigrants with exceptional talents, qualifying degrees, and skills in specialized trades, but underemployed.

US African immigrants Gist is now connecting immigrants to jobs. Subscribers can upload resumes below to reach out to our Account Managers who could help do the following:

  • Guide you on translational strategies needed to describe your work experience and/or education from foreign countries.
  • Screen you for your fit as well as qualification for your desirable jobs, and link you with recruiters in those fields.
  • Connect you to employers, job training, and other resources that could support your career growth.
  • Start from nothing or build on existing skills, let’s show you a career-path in your training, skills, and job interests.
  • Candidates with refugee’s visas, and Dreamers (individuals approved for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) are welcome.